Current Projects

The Sexual Neuroendocrinology Lab currently has several ongoing projects. These projects will be detailed more here. If interested in knowing more about these projects or, if you are a student in search of a thesis topic and these sound intriguing to you, please contact Dr. Tenbergen using the Contact form.

Project 1. Replicating and Evaluating The Global Prevention Project’s MAP Wellness Curriculum in New York State.

  • Together with our collaborators at The Global Prevention Project, we are attempting to replicate their MAP Support Group in New York State and evaluate its effectiveness in improving mental health and wellbeing and reducing likelihood to engage in problematic behaviors among non-offending minor attracted persons.
  • Sub-projects include: documenting barriers and pathways to group implementation and participant access, participant demographics and experiences in the group, clinician education and training, and tracking community attitudes toward the program.

Project 2. Exploring Psychiatric Associations of Fantasy and Fictional Sexual Outlet Use in MAPs.

  • Through funding provided by Prostasia Foundation and with collaboration from our partners at Nottingham-Trent University, UK (NTU), we are running a study to evaluate how fantasy sexual materials are used in the MAP population.
  • This study is designed to help us understand how these materials may be either helpful or harmful to those who use them, to better inform treatment and prevention efforts.

If you are a potential project partner interested in collaborating on either or both of these projects, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tenbergen using the Contact form on this website. Inquiries will be responded to as promptly as possible, with some delay in the summer.

If you are a student interested in working on either of these projects, please contact Dr. Tenbergen using the Contact form. Be sure to state which project you are most interested in and describe what skills you have that make you a good fit for that project. Emails will be responded to as promptly as possible (slower in the summer).